Ben Gleason’s brilliant editing helped bring coherence to my work. His careful reading and editing of the manuscript helped shape the book into its current form. As a scholar and practitioner of Zen Buddhism, Ben’s own spiritual insights helped me clarify some of my own thoughts. I have learned a great deal from him about the wisdom of not knowing through the back and forth process of editing the book together.

—Estelle Frankel, author of Sacred Therapy and The Wisdom of Not Knowing

Ben has demonstrated himself to be hard-working, meticulous, and unflappable in the face of shifting deadlines. His knowledge of editorial issues is extensive, and his ability to deal with authors of all sorts with tact and diplomacy has been exemplary. He has worked on a wide range of subjects, including many books related to Buddhism and Eastern Religion, and he has a good deal of expertise in the editorial issues specific to those subjects.

He is an excellent copyeditor, proofreader, and project manager.

—Dave O’Neal, Senior Editor, Shambhala Publications

Special gratitude to my copyeditor, Ben Gleason. I am astounded at your knack for picking up those minute errors in a book as only a gifted editor like yourself could do. You have made the text sparkle with clarity.

—Jason Gregory, author of Fasting the Mind and Enlightenment Now